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RELATE is an ambitious experimental project conceived to bridge the relations between research laboratories involved in EU funded activities and the media. The objective is to select 80 final year students from different European journalism schools and organize for each of them a visit to a high-standing research laboratory in Europe. Since the project wants to test different approaches to the involvement of research labs in such actions, the participation of scientific organisation is coordinated using 3 methods: - two high profile research organisations, ENEA (IT) and EPFL (CH) are partners in the project and will host students at their research facilities; - one partner, TUBITAK (TR) acts as a gateway to Turkish research organisations. Its mission is to ensure the involvement of Turkish entities in hosting the students. - Project coordinator MINERVA will run a so-called recruitment campaign aimed at involving in the action or at signing partnership agreements for the future with research organisations other those directly involved as partners. Thus, while the project relies on a core group of partners that can already ensure the involvement of different labs (ENEA and EPFL are involved in several projects in various research areas), it will also seek the involvement of other laboratories and test the level of interest that such an approach generates in the research community of Europe, new Members States included. The students' visits to the labs are organised through a common format of 5 days, in which they will be asked to carry out a practical work. The outcome of which should be the production of a fully fledged article of 3-4 pages (of a standard European weekly magazine), with interviews and pictures.

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L'ENEA è coinvolto nei workpackage: 1 'Project management'; 4 'Students' visits to research laboratories; 5 'Communication and dissemination activity and final workshop with debate'; 6 'Project assessment'

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Settimo Programma Quadro R&ST (2007-2013)

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CA-SA - Azione di coordinamento/azione di supporto