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Second generation BIOethanol process: demonstration scale for the step of Lignocellulosic hYdrolysis and Fermentation



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The overall goal of BIOLYFE PROJECT is to developing and demonstrating the hydrolysis and fermentation steps at industrial scale of the lignocellulosic bioethanol process, considering the entire chain (i.e. including at the same scale the up-stream and downstream process, namely innovative pre-treatment steps and product separation/utilization). BIOLYFE specifically seeks technologies which have the highest undiscovered potential to enhance the technical and economic feasibility of the hydrolysis and the complete conversion of all sugars into ethanol through an optimized fermentation process. The focus of BYOLIFE is to demonstrate at significant industrial scale (20.000 tonEtOH/y) of innovative 2nd generation ethanol technologies, transferring research results into industrial activities and paving the way to large industrial production (200.000 tonEtOH/y). The aims of BIOLYFE are: - Optimization and improvement of the Hydrolysis process in order to increase the monomeric sugar yield and to reduce accumulation of inhibitors with a feasible and economic production of specific lignocellulosic enzymes cocktails. - Reduction of the viscosity by a Liquefaction of the solid content stream in order to guarantee a constant and continuous flow of the material into the fermenters. - Improve flexible process of Fermentation by the utilization of high performance fermentation micro-organisms that would efficiently co-ferment hexoses and pentoses and tolerate high concentrations of ethanol and the inhibitory compounds. - Design, Construction, commissioning, start up and testing campaign of an industrial demonstration plant based on innovative technologies specifically focused on the enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation steps, able to produce 20.000 ton/y of Ethanol and to treat up to 80.000 ton/y of inlet selected biomasses. - Distribution and use of bioethanol products under real operational conditions, thus including installation of a distribution system and use in vehicles.

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L'ENEA partecipa alle attività di steam explosion, idrolisi enzimatica, fermentazione, analisi della sostenibilità.

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Settimo Programma Quadro R&ST (2007-2013)

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ENERGIA (2007-2013)

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CP - Progetto di collaborazione