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European network for education and training in radiation protection - II



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As is the case with all nuclear expertise, there is a trend of a decreasing number of experts in radiation protection due to various reasons. On the other hand, current activities in the nuclear domain are expanding: the nuclear industry faces a so-called "renaissance", high-tech medical examinations based on ionising radiation are increasingly used, and research and non-nuclear industry also make use of a vast number of applications of radioactivity. Within this perspective, maintaining a high level of competency in radiation protection is crucial to ensure future safe use of ionising radiation and the development of new technologies in a safe way. Moreover, the perceived growth in the different application fields requires a high-level of understanding of radiation protection in order to protect workers, the public and the environment of the potential risks. A sustainable Education and Training (E&T) infrastructure for radiation protection is an essential component to combat the decline in expertise and to ensure the availability of a high level of radiation protection knowledge which can meet the demands in the future. Today's challenge involves measures to make the work in radiation protection more attractive for young people and to provide attractive career opportunities, and the support of professionals in their need to gain and maintain high level radiation protection knowledge. This can be reached by the development and implementation of a high-quality European standard for initial education and continuous professional development for Radiation Protection Experts (RPEs) and Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs). This project aims at developing a methodology for mutual recognition and setting up "reference" training schemes as an instrument to facilitate this mutual recognition, within the relevant regulatory framework.

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Settimo Programma Quadro Euratom (2007-2013)

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Euratom fissione

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