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Network of Excellence for building up Knowledge for improved Systems Integration for Flexible Organic and Large Area Electronics (FOLAE) and its exploitation



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In the NoE FlexNet 17 participants from eleven European countries work together in order to support Europe in becoming a world leader in Flexible, Organic and Large Area Electronics (FOLAE). FlexNet aims at interlinking Europe's FOLAE-expertise in the domains of science, technology development, components, devices and systems integration technologies. A special emphasis will be set on the subsequent commercial exploitation of FOLAE-based systems knowledge especially through SMEs in order to enable a wide spread FOLAE-based future businesses in Europe. The NoE FlexNet will support the integration process of the scientific excellence of FOLAE-oriented European research on Materials, Devices and Systems. This part is complementary to the NoE PolyNet efforts. In addition FlexNet will integrate excellent scientific capacities from Southern and Eastern Europe. FlexNet partners have identified the organic transistor as the most crucial building block in order to realised integrated organic systems. Therefore the scientific focus of the NoE FlexNet will be set on the application of FOLAE-specific Organic Semiconductors as well as Supporting Materials for OTFTs including Interface Properties, Barrier Materials, Characterisation, and OTFT Device Integration into Systems. Further topics of dedicated attention and activity will be on establishing know-how on Devices Characterisation, Systems Integration, Modelling and Design of Systems, and Manufacturing Processes for Systems. Accordingly, NoE FlexNet will be structured in three platforms: - A platform FOLAE Materials and Devices Integration, - A platform Systems Integration and - A platform Knowledge, Dissemination and Transfer to industry The knowledge associated to these topics will actively be made available to European stakeholders from research and industry, especially SMEs, in Southern and Eastern Europe. This will make FlexNet a bidirectional catalyst for information transfer in the FOLAE area between West-Central- and South-Eastern Europe. FlexNet will work in close contact with existing coordination actions in the FOLAE area like the Quadriga projects. This will ensure additional support in unifying and streamlining the fragmented FOLAE R&D arena in Europe.

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Le azioni dell'ENEA consisteranno nella partecipazione significativa e coordinamento del workpackage 1 "definizione delle questioni critiche per la ricerca", partecipazione al wp 3 "Piattaforma sulla integrazione dei sistemi" e collaborazione al wp 4 "Piattaforma sullo sviluppo di conoscenze, disseminazione e trasferimento all'industria".

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Settimo Programma Quadro R&ST (2007-2013)

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ICT (2007-2013)

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NOE - Rete di Eccellenza