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High energy lithium-ion storage solutions


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The reluctance of OEM worldwide to extend electric drive applications to the private customers depends partly from considerations on customer acceptance (limited range in the case of EV, long charging time after depletion of the battery, cost), but also from the increased reliability and life span that private customers are entitled to expect. The first goal of HELIOS project is to evaluate electrochemical couples whose lower voltage window matches perfectly with the stability window of the electrolyte, which should guarantee an outstanding steadiness of the performance during ageing, and an intrinsic excellent safety. The items evaluated by the project are: performance, safety, life, recyclability and global cost. Another issue addressed by the project is the definition of a European standard for safety and life (cycle/storage) tests, adapted to High Energy applications such ad EV, PHEV and Heavy Duty Hybrid Truck. The project partners include six OEMs, one battery manufacturer, test Institutes/Universities and one recycler.

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Settimo Programma Quadro R&ST (2007-2013)

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TRASPORTI (2007-2013)

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