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Heavy Liquid Metal Network



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HeLiMnet is a project aimed at integrating the R&D efforts going on within and outside Europe, in different areas of investigation. In particular it is intended to create a large and strong network for the diffusion of information on the HLM technologies, exploiting the characteristics of both the new information technologies in order to create a virtual space for debates, focus groups and information exchanges and the traditional tools as workshops, seminars, information days etc. It aims, moreover, at rationalize the knowledge through the development of guidelines, protocols and standards, with particular attention to the homogenization of operational procedures in order to have a better control on the quality and comparability of the experimental data obtained in different labs. Finally, one other HeLiMnet goal is the appraisal of the liquid metal technology research area, through the analysis of approaches and activities going on at national and international level in different areas of investigation (fission (LFR, ADS, SFR), neutron spallation targets and fusion), the identification of possible cooperation, the definition of existing gaps and possible future R&D activities to cover these gaps.

Attività svolta da ENEA:

Nel progetto HELIMNET viene assegnato all'ENEA il coordinamento del workpackage 5 "Coordination with ADS/LFR design teams" a testimonianza delle competenze e capacità dell'agenzia nell'ambito della progettazione e sviluppo di sistemi nucleari innovativi.

Programma Quadro:

Settimo Programma Quadro Euratom (2007-2013)

Programma UE:

Euratom fissione

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CA - Azione di coordinamento