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Ten leading European Research Institutes have taken up the challenge to found a European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). The key objective of the EERA is to accelerate the development of new energy technologies by conceiving and implementing Joint Research Programmes in support of the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan by pooling and integrating activities and resources, combining national and Community sources of funding and maximizing complementarities and synergies. The EERA aims to strengthen, expand and optimize EU energy research capabilities through the sharing of world-class national facilities in Europe and the joint realization of pan-EU programmes. The primary focus of the EERA will be on the strategic and targeted development of next generations of energy technologies drawing on results from fundamental research and maturing technologies to the point where it can be embedded in industry driven research. In this field the EERA Secretariat is composed by five national research institutes which are part of the ten leading members. They are recognized as being among the leading exemplars of RTO programmes in Europe. All five can be considered as key player in their own country. The high level of experience of the members will conduct to an efficient work done by the secretariat. This work team will be present at every level of the governance and will organize, coordinate and monitor the work of EERA. The scope for significant joint work by the EERA Secretariat includes support to all other players in the EERA and outside through administrative, organizational and communication activities.

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L'ENEA è responsabile del workpackage relativo alla disseminazione dei responsabili e partecipa agli altri workpackage: - supporto alle attività dell'Executive Committee - supporto alla predisposizione dei programmi di ricerca congiunti - supporto ai nuovi membri dell'EERA - attività di disseminazione dei risultati.

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Settimo Programma Quadro R&ST (2007-2013)

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ENERGIA (2007-2013)

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CA-SA - Azione di coordinamento/azione di supporto