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A common European approach to the regulatory testing of nanomaterials



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The innovative and economic potential of Manufactured Nano Materials (MNMs) is threatened by a limited understanding of the related EHS issues. While toxicity data is continuously becoming available, the relevance to regulators is often unclear or unproven. The shrinking time to market of new MNM drives the need for urgent action by regulators. NANoREG is the first FP7 project to deliver the answers needed by regulators and legislators on EHS by linking them to a scientific evaluation of data and test methods. Based on questions and requirements supplied by regulators and legislators, NANoREG will: (i) provide answers and solutions from existing data, complemented with new knowledge, (ii) Provide a tool box of relevant instruments for risk assessment, characterisation, toxicity testing and exposure measurements of MNMs, (iii) develop, for the long term, new testing strategies adapted to innovation requirements, (iv) Establish a close collaboration among authorities, industry and science leading to efficient and practically applicable risk management approaches for MNMs and products containing MNMs. The interdisciplinary approach involving the three main stakeholders (Regulation, Industry and Science) will significantly contribute to reducing the risks from MNMs in industrial and consumer products. NANoREG starts by analysing existing knowledge (from WPMN-, FP- and other projects). This is combined with a synthesis of the needs of the authorities and new knowledge covering the identified gaps, used to fill the validated NANoREG tool box and data base, conform with ECHA's IUCLID DB structure. To answer regulatory questions and needs NANoREG will set up the liaisons with the regulation and legislation authorities in the NANoREG partner countries, establish and intensify the liaisons with selected industries and new enterprises, and develop liaisons to global standardisation and regulation institutions in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Russia.

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L'ENEA partecipa: - al WP1, in differenti task, sul fronte REACH, approccio al ciclo di vita (Life cycle thinking), integrazione tra le metodologie LCA (Life cycle assessment) e RA (Risk assessment) e design dei materiali; - al WP4, trattando specificamente gli effetti a lungo termine dei nanomateriali, la tossicità sistemica e la valutazione istopatologica; - al WP6, occupandosi di sicurezza tramite progettazione. Questo concetto ambisce a creare strategie di ricerca integrate che indirizzino il design di nuovi materiali/prodotti in una direzione che sia compatibile con gli aspetti di sicurezza dell'uomo o l'ambiente.

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Settimo Programma Quadro R&ST (2007-2013)

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IP - Progetto Integrato